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Water main breaks in Summit Hill

Water main breaks in Summit Hill

SUMMIT HILL, Pa. - A water main break completely cut off one Carbon County community Friday afternoon.

Nearby fire departments were even put on alert to respond if a fire broke out while the water was off.

Inside Slice Pizzeria in Summit Hill, Carbon County, things are back to normal by Friday night.

Customers filled up the tables and pizza cooked in the oven. But this almost wasn't the case.

"If it would have went a little bit later then we could have had some problems," shared Manager Jake Leggette.

A water main break on Ludlow Street meant the entire borough had no water for several hours.

The pizza place was forced to shut down.

"The workers they were nice enough to come over, give us a heads up," explained Leggette.

Instead of doing the normal Friday night prep work, he says Slice employees filled up pots with water just in case they needed it to clean with.

"If it would have been a day, two days we had to make sure we were ready."

Luckily the water was flowing again right before the Friday night dinner crowd, giving folks something new to chat about, and a reminder of how essential running water is.

"You don't realize until you don't have it," smiled Leggette.

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