ROSS TWP., Pa. -

Monroe County residents are reeling from a shooting that has left three people dead and tonight we're learning more about the shooter's intentions.

The gunfire broke out Monday night in Ross Township at the township municipal building. This is just north of Saylorsburg.

Police say Rockne Newell, 59, opened fire on a meeting room filled with people.

Three people were killed and three others were wounded.

Police say the Ross Township monthly supervisors meeting had just started when Rockne Newell marched toward the building last night and fired thru a window killing three people and wounding three others.

The shots passed thru an office and entered the meeting room.

Fourteen rounds were fired from that side window and he didn't stop there.

"Newell approached a side door and fired additional rounds into the meeting room," said Lt. Col. George Bivens. "He returned to the front of the building additional rounds fired from front door."

For a brief moment police say the shooting stopped.

That's when Newell left to change guns.

According to state police, Newell returned with a .44 magnum and fired additional shots through the front door.

Police praise the quick action of two men at the meeting for putting a stop to Newell.

They are Bernie Kozen, the Director of Parks and Mark Kresh, a resident.

As he began to enter the meeting room 2 courageous individuals they were Able to jump on the subject as he came thru the door even while firing rounds.