Police using grant to crack down on aggressive driving near Deka

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Jul 16, 2013   Updated: 6:05 PM EDT Jul 17, 2013

Police are cracking down on aggressive driving near one of Berks County's largest employers.

Fleetwood police on Wednesday were passing out flyers to employees leaving Deka East Penn Manufacturing in Richmond Township.

Police said they are trying to cut down on the complaints of reckless driving along Fleetwood-Lyons Road, near Park Road.

Some of the culprits are Deka employees rushing to beat the clock, police said.

"They might be late for work. They might have been late for work before. They're just trying to get here," said Ofc. Jim Howe, Fleetwood Police Dept. "They do things that are against the law. They go over the speed limit. They pass where they're not supposed to."

In 2007, the area was the scene of a deadly head-on crash near Deka Road. Around that same time, company officials said a Deka employee lost his life in another accident.

"That's part of our family here. So we took it hard," said Dave Guiles, personnel department.

About two years ago, company officials said a traffic light was installed at one of the main entrances onto Fleetwood-Lyons Road, helping to alleviate some of the headaches.

"Before the light, it was tough to get out of here, so there was a lot of accidents here," said Guiles.

So, as officers passed out flyers Wednesday, they urged drivers to put safety first before it's too late.