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6th grader from Berks meets President Obama on local visit

6th grader from Berks meets President Obama on local visit

HATFIELD, Pa. - President Obama voiced his "fiscal cliff" fight on the road Friday for the first time since winning re-election.

The president stopped in Hatfield, Montgomery Co., to tour a toy factory.

There has been a stagnant debate in Washington for weeks over the fiscal cliff. President Obama's speech struck a nerve with Republican lawmakers, but it was the opportunity of a lifetime for one Berks County 6th grader.   

Noah Williams-Morrill had a front-row seat and listened to every word the president said. Then, it was his turn to do the talking.

"It was pretty easy to talk to him, but I was still amazed. Half the time I didn't know what I was saying," said Noah, who attends West Reading Elementary.

The 11-year-old scored the one-on-one because of a 60-second video he made. It's called, "Sixth Grader Explains the Fiscal Cliff in One Minute."

Noah is part of a nationwide community movement to urge Congress to restore tax fairness. His video has received national attention and earned him the chance to meet President Obama.

"I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life. When I'm older, I'm going to remember this as the best day of my life," said Noah.

Noah's entire family got to shake hands with the commander-in-chief, and his mom admitted she was a star struck.

"I was a little paralyzed by shaking hands with the president, and I froze up a little bit," said Lisa Williams.

Noah's mom may have been tongue tied, but he knew exactly what to say. Now, the 6th grader wants to shoot for the stars, and pictures a future in politics.

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