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A touchdown fans of any team will stand and cheer for

A touchdown fans of any team will stand and cheer for

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - It's easy to see football at Pottstown High School is a team sport.

Everything has to line up just right for the perfect play like a much-needed touchdown, during a homecoming game.

"Everybody was yellin, Marvin! Let's go Marvin!" remembers Sophomore Dominique Durant.

Marvin Pearson was the guy who made the touchdown that night.

He's clearly a star, well-loved by his fellow students. That's easy to see.

What you not see at first, is that Marvin, can't see.

Marvin lost his sight at 10 years old.

"You know, that's the only time I ever cried," Marvin tells us.

But he says, what frustrated him, drove him.

"It mentally helped me mature," he says.

When Marvin wanted play football, Coach Gary Rhodenbaugh Jr. signed him up.

His teammates, embraced it, embraced him.

Which leads to the big moment - the homecoming game.

Things weren't going too well for Pottstown. They were down 48 to 0, when the rival coach across the field, had an idea.

"He said, 'Listen, you know, if you want to give Marvin that opportunity to run the football, we would love to be a part of that,'" Coach Rhodenbaugh says.

"I hit the right side of the hole and as soon as I got past our offensive linemen, I just exploded!" Marvin tells us.

This could be the end to our story, a fairy tale touchdown for the guy who'd never had one before. But Marvin said he wasn't sure he wanted that moment.

"I'm sure people are going to remember me as a blind person playing football. But I'd like to be remembered as a football player playing football," he admits.

But that night, his coach reminded him, "I said, you know Marvin, I think this is a sign of respect," he says.

Maybe it wasn't with the guys were going to do for him but instead their way of saying thank you for what Marvin does for them.

"I look at him more as a leader," says Durant.

"He's always on the side, cheering us on, and everything," Junior Austin Andrews says.

He has a vision, his whole team looks up to.

"This isn't any ordinary football team. This is a family, that's the only way to put it," Marvin says.

And just like that, everything in football lines up.

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