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An expensive typo for Montgomery County

An expensive typo for Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. - A $4,000 typo has Montgomery County hustling to make a correction.

A correction to a mistake no one noticed for months.


It's hardly a spelling bee tie breaker but when Montgomery County put up 26 double-sided signs, one thing was lost.

"It took months for anyone to notice but commissioners was spelled with only one M," said Montgomery County Communications Director Frank Custer.

Before the county could fix the misspelling with new decals the media got wind of it and started tweeting.

"So I came back with a lighthearted response about the media having their own typos and things like that," said Custer.

Custer said even though it cost about $4,000 to fix the error, the county is trying to have a sense of humor about it.

"This administration has tried to streamline government and in this case maybe we tried to streamline the commissioners' title and it didn't work," Custer said with a laugh.

Custer said crews were up with the sun to fix the mistake on signs outside the courthouse and at parks and historic sites.

Now that the "M" is back in commissioner, Custer said the county can move on.

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