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Boil water advisory remains in effect for West Pottstown

Pottstown water main break

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - A boil water advisory is in effect for residents in west Pottstown after a water main broke spewing two million gallons of water onto several blocks between Elm and West Walnut streets in Pottstown.

"I thought there was a flood because of the weather," said Pottstown resident Nikki Rineholt.

Pottstown Public Works employees say a 20-inch water main broke Thursday night. The force was so strong that it pushed up the street, leaving a big hole in the road.

"I watched it and the water kept coming up higher and higher. It was a little scary," said Pottstown resident Bertha Auman.

This is all that is left of the water main pipe that broke. Crews tell us it dates back to 1890.

But Marianne Brownie, who lives just one door down from the dramatic rupture, says she was not surprised to see it because the same line has broken before right in front of her house. And she says it is time for the borough to replace the entire line.

"The borough could do that. We pay taxes and I do not see why they do not. It is not our fault that they do not change them. If it is 100 years old, they should change them," said Pottstown resident Marianne Brownie.

City officials tell us the earliest the boil water advisory could end is Sunday. So they advise residents to boil any water until further notice.

"It is a little bit of an inconvenience. But I mean, we are stocked up on bottled water so it might not be so bad for us," said Rineholt.

"It really kind of put you on the spot because you cannot cook, you cannot brush your teeth. You know, it really makes it hard for you," said Brownie.

At this time public works officials do not know what caused the break.

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