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Bradford returns to Philadelphia with undefeated Vikings in tow

Eagles look to snap 2-game slide against 5-0 Minnesota

Bradford returns to Philly with undefeated Vikings

PHILADELPHIA - The Mentor versus the Mentee. Maybe not that far, but this week is the return of Sam Bradford to Philadelphia where he'll duel with the rookie Carson Wentz.

Just days before the start of the season, Teddy Bridgewater went down for the Vikings. One trade later, Bradford was on his way to Minnesota, a first round pick was coming to Philly and Carson Wentz took over the reins in Philly.

All Bradford has done has led the Vikings to an undefeated start, and Wentz has taken the NFL by storm, becoming a potential Rookie of the Year.

It was a classic win-win scenario.

" In our case, our first-round, second-overall pick getting a chance to play this early; getting his feet wet, learning, putting us in a great spot, at 3-2," said Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

"He's played a lot of football. He's getting better every week."

Pederson added, "From their standpoint, they got a good quarterback. He went to a playoff caliber football team with a tremendous defense. I know Adrian Peterson is not there, but [they have] a good run game. You know, it was a win-win for both sides."

The Eagles will look to snap their two-game skid, and deliver Bradford's Vikings their first loss on Sunday.

WFMZ's Sam Marcinek has the story. 

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