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Bucks school celebrates a local Olympian

Bucks school celebrates a local Olympian

KINTNERSVILLE, Pa. - One Bucks County community is especially excited about the start of the games as one athlete with local roots prepares to make his Olympic debut in Sochi.

Speed Skater Chris Creveling graduated from Palisades High School in 2005 and was honored by the school Friday as he gets ready to go for the gold.

In the cafeteria of Palisades High School in Kintnersville, Chelsea Creveling, Class of 2002, spoke to students as they ate.

"This is where Chris got his start, and it's just an example of how big dreams start in very small places," said Chelsea.

Her goal: to encourage them to go after their loftiest goals, just like her brother: Olympic Speed Skater, Chris Creveling.

"Skating is in our blood," Chelsea said. "And to have him go from a toddler on skates to an olympian is an amazing adventure."

Creveling will compete in the short track 1,000 meter, 1,500 meter and relay events.

Chelsea and her father, Ross Creveling, plan to head to Sochi this weekend. They say Chris was thrilled to have a special day at his alma mater.

"Chris didn't know," his father explained. "So I texted him and said you're going to have 'Chris Creveling Day' and he said, 'Wow that's awesome.' And he made a video that night and sent it to me, and I sent to it to Mr. Heffernan, the principal."

The video was shown throughout the school and posted on the Palisades School District website.

"I'm very honored to have a Chris Creveling Day at Palisades High School, thank you guys so much. It's exciting," Chris said in his video from Sochi.

There was even a special lunch menu at Palisades in honor of the speed skater: his favorite pre-race meal, chicken pot pie.

Students gave out flags and patriotic pins during lunch, excited to watch the games with Palisades pride.

Senior Alex Poniktera said he's especially excited to watch the games this year. "It's just such an inspiration to see somebody who started off at the same place that I'm starting off, and we're going to get to a place that could be the world level just like Chris did," said Poniktera.

Creveling's first race is scheduled for Monday.

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