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Canada geese season starts at Nockamixon State Park

Canada geese season starts at Nockamixon State Park

Canada geese cause problems at a lot of local parks, but they're now in the bulls-eye in one part of Bucks County.

It's a way to keep the water pristine, and the boat launches free of goose droppings at Lake Nockamixion.

The goal of the annual goose hunt is to control a population that numbers more than one thousand in the area, according to park manager, Obie Derr.

"I was surprised this morning I only saw one hunter out on the way to work," said Derr. "I didn't check out the rest of the park, so I don't know how many hunters we had out, but didn't hear a lot of shooting."

Canada geese have become a problem in the area. Beltzville Lake closed six times this summer due to water contamination that state workers say came from goose droppings.

Fishermen, like John Gessner say geese are a problem at other parks as well.

"You go up to Peace Valley Park and you see that water is all green," added Gessner. "That is from all the geese crapping there. It just pollutes the water."

Not only are the hunters helping control the geese population, but they're actually helping out the state workers.

Because state workers would have to be the ones out shooting the geese if hunting wasn't permitted.

"You have two choices," said Gessner. "Let the hunters take them or bring back wolves. What do you want?"

The hunters seem to be doing a good job and state workers say over the years there have been no injuries.

"Most of the geese hunters and water fowl hunters are shooting up in the air and towards the lake so there is no thought that there is going to be any harm to some of the park visitors that is just walking some of our trails," said Derr.

You do need a hunting license and a license to hunt migratory birds.

The season runs until September 25.

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