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Chester County man plans cross-country tractor trip for wounded veterans

PennDOT says not so fast, wants C. Ivan Stoltzfus to have permits

Man plans cross-country tractor trip for wounded veterans

HONEY BROOK, Pa. - One Chester County man wants to do his part to help those who have served and sacrificed.

C. Ivan Stoltzfus is planning to hit the road and drive his 1948 John Deer tractor across the country.

"I started dreaming someday I wanted to go across America," Stoltzfus said.

Stoltzfus said he also wants to raise money for an organization. That is when the Wounded Warrior Project started pulling at his heart strings.

"I want to show our fellow men and women that paid the ultimate price for my freedom that I care and they are not forgotten," said Stoltzfus.

But Stoltzfus quickly learned that riding his tractor across America is not as easy as it sounds. Even though he plans to take back roads, some state agencies like PennDOT are putting the brakes on his dream, saying he needs permits in every township and a traffic study.

"I am not asking to go on the interstate or the turnpike. There are other tractors. I farmed years ago and I drove a tractor on the road many of times. There are horse and buggies on the road," said Stoltzfus.

PennDOT said it is willing to work with him, but wants to make sure he and other drivers are safe.

Stoltzfus is asking that you reach out to your representatives in Harrisburg to help in his effort.

He is planning to spend all summer traveling across America and meeting wounded veterans, with the ultimate goal of raising $1 million for the Wounded Warrior Project.

"I want to stop and just shake their hands, if they have a hand. If not, just touch and encourage them. They are feeling so hopeless and feeling in despair and we need to step up and just encourage them," said Stoltzfus.

To learn more about Stoltzfus' trip or to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project visit his "Across America for Wounded Heroes" website.

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