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Clifton Twp. officer faces 13 counts of attempted homicide, other charges following standoff

Police: Note at scene said Klementovich had weapons, 'was ready to die'

Standoff in Doylestown Township

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - More details are emerging following an armed standoff in Bucks County involving a New Jersey police officer Sunday night.

The standoff, between Clifton Township officer Richard Klementovich and police in Doylestown Twp., began around 2:00 p.m. when police responded to a call of a civil dispute on Bittersweet Dr., officials say.

The home, at 25 Bittersweet Dr., belongs to Klementovich's estranged wife, and according to police reports, Klementovich was the one to call 911 and report the incident.

Klementovich's wife and children where not at the home at the time of the incident, police noted. Officials say they had traveled to New Jersey as part of Father's Day arrangements.

When an officer arrived at the home, he found a manilla envelope in the driveway that stated Klementovich, a trained law enforcement officer, was inside the home with multiple scoped rifles, over 2000 rounds of ammunition and was 'ready to die,' the report says.

As the responding officer left the property to get back up and warn neighbors in area, officials say the 42-year-old Klementovich opened fire on police units that were just pulling up.

Gun fire from the home continued as more officers arrived on scene, with one officer injured by shrapnel from one of the bullets. That officer was treated at the hospital and released, officials say.

Klementovich's parents told police at the scene that they had been in contact with him and he had texted, "Tell the police I have a surprise for them, this is the way I want to die," officials report. Police also obtained an email Klementovich sent to his wife, Jill, that mentioned dying several times and also said he was on steroids, officials noted.

Klementovich continued firing shots at police and SWAT units as they arrived. Police say he fired nearly two-dozen rounds in total during the nearly 10 hour incident.

Klementovich eventually surrendered to negotiators without incident around midnight, officials say.

Klementovich was arraigned overnight on multiple charges including criminal attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and assaulting a law enforcement officer. He is being held in Bucks Co. Jail with bail set at $1,000,000. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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