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Corbett officials dislike Allegheny, Montgomery county voter ID plans

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Gov. Tom Corbett's administration is unhappy about plans by two of Pennsylvania's most populous counties to issue photo identification cards that are designed to help people exercise their right to vote under the state's new law.

The law wasn't intended to allow counties to issue voter ID cards to whomever they want, a spokesman said.

The spokesman, Ron Ruman, said the administration was not briefed beforehand by officials from Allegheny and Montgomery counties, but he said state officials are not taking action at this point to stop them.

Ruman cautioned the IDs could create safety issues for county-affiliated nursing homes or colleges that issue them.

The Montgomery County commissioners voted Thursday to have its county-run nursing home, Parkhouse Providence Pointe, issue identification cards to county residents who are registered to vote and have no ID.

Commissioner Josh Shapiro said he's shocked that the Corbett administration would dissuade counties from trying to help registered voters get valid IDs.

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