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Crews are still working to recover power from outages

Crews are still working to recover power from outages

PECO crews were working round the clock, clearing debris, picking up wires and restoring power little by little to residents throughout and around Montgomery County on Thursday.

"It's pretty bad. This is a pretty bad ice storm. I think this is the second biggest storm in our company's history," said aerial mechanic Tom Blanken.

Joe Caffey and his wife Barbara have been without power since 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

"This is the largest outage geographically that I have seen. We went out to lunch yesterday and literally it took us half an hour to find a restaurant open," he said.

Without any backup generator or way to keep their house warm, the Caffey's are thankful for the crew's hard work, but plan to be better prepared for next time.

"It's bad but we understand these guys are really doing the best they can and you just have to have a lot of patience. Maybe investing in a generator or at least if you could have heat in the house that would be something... but not having anything at all, you're trapped. You really are isolated. It's not a pleasant feeling," said Caffey.

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