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Doctor evaluations prove important before exercising

Doctor evaluations prove important before exercising

Many people start the new year with the goal of getting fit, but some people push themselves too hard in the beginning.

Two weeks into the New Year is when resolutions to get fit start to falter, whether you feel like you're starving or your body is an aching mess.

You can revive your resolution with a trip to the doctor's office.

Ask your doctor about your aches and pains and what kind of exercise and nutrition program is right for your body.

Registered dietitian and fitness expert Tara Miltenberger said many resolutions go awry when people overwhelm themselves with cutting everything out and working out like crazy.

"If you go out guns blazing starting with a bootcamp class three times a week or something like that and you have never done any physical activity before you are really likely to injure yourself," said Miltenberger.

Miltenberger says if you are struggling, re-evaluate your goals. Instead, focus on one goal.

Denise Wehr's goal is part of a 30 day pilates challenge. Denise and her co-workers have already established a routine of walking the stairs.

But if you miss a day at the gym or indulge in a piece of a co-worker's birthday cake, don't beat yourself up.

"Just remember that all is not lost in one single event and if you just remember why you started it and get right back on track that next meal, that next snack, that next workout. You are going to be okay," aid Miltenberger.

Miltenberger said when achieving fitness goals it's important to stay hydrated and lose no more than 2 pounds a week, otherwise you could put your health at risk and gain the weight back.

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