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Fiery crash in Bucks County kills both drivers, police say

Double fatal accident in Bucks County

BUCKINGHAM TWP., Pa. - Two people are dead after a fiery head-on crash in Bucks County.  It happened on York Road in Buckingham Township around 7:30a.m. Friday.  Officials tell us 30-year-old Nicole Breshny-Ott from Hatfield and 50-year-old Yan Zou from Jamison were both killed in the violent crash and fiery aftermath.

For more than 8 hours investigators worked to re-create the wreck the claimed two lives.  Buckingham Township Police say it appears a Lincoln sedan and a Toyota SUV were driving in opposite directions on York Road, when one crossed over into the other lane.  The vehicles hit head on and burst into flames trapping the drivers.

"Immediately just a ball of flames had to be 30 feet high," described neighbor Stuart Abramson.

"It was a huge fire, huge fire," added neighbor Eugene Lipovetskiy.  "You could not actually clearly see the cars themselves because all the flames were like going around."

Drivers passing by along with neighbors tried to help, but the flames and heat were too intense.  All they could do was watch helplessly.  Both drivers died at the scene.

"At least four men tried to help and it was just impossible," Abramson shared.  "The cars exploded."

"It was a severe impact and there was no getting them out," explained Midway Fire Chief Hugh Hager.  "They were trapped in there, even if they would have been able to access the doors, they probably wouldn't have been able to get them out anyway."

The cars were so badly damaged officers used license plate information and vehicle serial numbers to ID the victims.

"Life is short, but to end it like this," lamented Lipovetskiy.  "It could be prevented, I believe so, it's not the first time."

The speed limit on York Road in this area is 40MPH and it sees an average of 17,000 vehicles each day.  69 News Checked in with PennDOT and found between 2008 and 2012 there were 16 accidents but no fatalities or major injuries.  Investigators tell us it's clear speed played a factor in Friday's crash.  Anyone who witnessed the wreck is asked to call Buckingham Township Police at 215-794-8812.

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