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Firefighters battle blaze, return to find vandalized cars

Firefighters battle blaze, return to find vandalized cars

NORTH COVENTRY TWP., Pa. - Police are investigating the intentional damage done to multiple vehicles belonging to volunteer firefighters with the North Coventry Fire Company in Chester County.

"[It] makes me feel sick," said Assistant Chief John Fisher.

The vandalism occurred after crews responded to a nearby house fire around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, police said. Fire crews salvaged the home and returned to their station on West Schuylkill Road about two hours later.

"We're out here volunteering our time, at 2 in the morning. We gotta come back and this is what we get. It's not nice," said firefighter Kathy Scully.

"We come here to serve the people in the township. People are coming in vandalizing our cars," said engineer Randy Richter, who told 69 News he had never faced this before, with more than 40 years of service with the company.

Firefighters said the vandals used nearby traffic cones, flower pots and signs to dent and scrape four of their cars. A fifth vehicle was broken into and had items stolen from inside, officials said.

"They took an orange cone and just threw it across the hood and smashed it, dented the hood, broke the windshield wiper blades," said Fisher, who's facing up to $1,900 worth in damage to his vehicle alone.

Deputy Chief Chuck Hipple said the company is now planning to add extra surveillance cameras around the lot. He's also questioning whether the crew should have someone stay back and keep watch of the company during calls.  

"Now we feel like, we come out late at night, we don't know if [the cars] are gonna be safe here again in the lot," said Scully. "I hope it doesn't happen anywhere else… we put a lot of time, a lot of training to go out and do this to protect everyone and their property and we don't deserve any of this."

Police have no suspects.

According to reports, a sixth nearby vehicle was also heavily damaged, but it did not belong to a firefighter.

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