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Former Catholic leader ordered to serve 3 to 6 years in prison

Monsignor William Lynn found guilty for handling of sex abuse complaints

PHILADELPHIA - A former Catholic church leader convicted of child endangerment in connection with a child sex abuse case in Philadelphia is going to jail.

Monsignor William Lynn was sentenced Tuesday morning to three to six years in prison.

A jury found him guilty in June of child endangerment for his handling of the sex abuse complaints in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Lynn, 61, is the highest-ranking Catholic Church cleric charged and convicted in the landmark Philadelphia child sexual abuse trials.

This was the first time prosecutors didn't just charge the abusive priests but also church leaders for failing to stop them.

Lynn's defense team argued during their client repeatedly told higher-ups about abuse allegations but was under strict orders from the city's cardinal and had no authority to remove priests from the ministry.

Reverend James Brennan was also on trial with Lynn.

Brennan was accused of trying to rape a boy back in 1998, but the jury could not reach a verdict.

Prosecutors announced Monday they will go forward with another trial for Brennan.

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