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Former Haycock Elementary School building to be donated to township

Township to vote on proposal Monday

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - Quakertown Community School District will donate the building that used to house Haycock Elementary school to Haycock Township, the board announced Thursday evening.

The plan is contingent Haycock Township's approval.

The board made a motion and voted in favor of authorizing the donation free of charge.

The building has been a topic of the District's Facilities Committee for several months. A boiler issue forced the school district to decide the fate of the building.

Replacing two boilers would have cost the district $215,000. Another option was to replace one boiler and repair the other with salvaged parts from the first for a total cost $35,000.

The district could have demolished the building at an estimated cost of between $200,000 and $250,000.

Originally the school board believed Haycock Township was not interested in taking on the building, which costs the district $48,000 annually to maintain.

However resident and Haycock Township Supervisor Henry DePue spoke to the board Thursday night and expressed gratitude.

"I just want to thank the school district and the board for considering donating the Haycock Building back to the township," said DePue. "We talked about it at our township meetings for the past couple of months and we figured we could get a lot of use out of the building"

Some ideas the township has for the building included having fire company breakfasts there and using it as a possible shelter.

Haycock Township will hold a public meeting Monday the 17th and vote on the proposal.

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