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Friends, family, officers remember fallen hero

Family, friends remember fallen officer

NEW HANOVER TWP., Pa. - People are calling Officer Bradley Fox a hero. And Friday night they wanted to honor him and support his grieving family.

There was a candlelight vigil outside of his New Hanover Township home.

The tears and emotion were on the grieving faces of fellow officers, neighbors, friends and family gathered on Lilac Street outside Officer Brad Fox's home.

"There is a sense of shock. It's traumatic," explained Plymouth Township police chaplain, Nicholas Salios.  "You don't get over shock very easily. You say it will take time. It'll take more than time. It'll take love and care and support from many people."

The chaplain offered prayers of hope for family and friends grieving the loss of a marine who served two tours in Iraq and a police officer who served and protected the Plymouth Township community.

"Officers have been grieving they feel it very deeply," said Salios, "They're hurting, they're wives are also hurting. This is going to last for some time."

Fox's pregnant widow and 5-month-old baby girl stayed away from the cameras. In their driveway, Fox's brother and parents stood close by. He would have turned 35 Friday and the crowd sang Happy Birthday.  Instead of being on a cake, candles were held by people who call Fox a hero.

In his neighborhood he was known as a family man.

"He was an awesome dad. He was an awesome guy," said Jennifer Mitros.

"Her daughter was born ten days before my son and we just got really close," said Adrianne Williamson about Lynsay Fox.

Williamson helped organize the vigil when she learned of Brad Fox's death.

"She and Brad just did so much for me, and my family," said Williamson, "My son has down syndrome and she was just so big with helping me. I just had to do it for her."

Lynsay Fox worked in Boyertown school district. Williamson said Lynsay is three months pregnant with her second child.

"We're all going to be there for her when this baby is born," said Williamson.

And the community will be there for each other.

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