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High school program highlights dangers of drunk driving

High school program highlights dangers of drunk driving

A Montgomery County high school has put on quite a show to showcase the dangers of drunk driving.

Students at Upper Perkiomen High School in Pennsburg have put together a program called "Every 30 Minutes."

The 2-day program simulates a deadly drunk driving crash one day and a funeral the next.

The mock funeral was held Tuesday.

Our very own Rob Vaughn helped deliver the heartbreaking news in a dramatization.

"I hope it just opens their eyes to see that this can actually happen to any of us," said Upper Perkiomen senior Frank Carpinello. "I think we go in thinking we're invincible, we can do whatever we want, we won't have consequences but there are consequences. If it actually happened I would be facing 40 years in jail I wouldn't be able to drive until I'm like 70."

The program is called "Every 30 MInutes" because statistics say someone in the U.S. is killed in a drunk driving crash every half-hour.

The program is also meant to coincide with prom and graduation party season.

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