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Justice center takes shape in Bucks County

Justice center takes shape in Bucks County

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - The new Justice Center continues to take shape in Doylestown.

From the inside, it's easy to see plenty of work needs to be done, however from the outside it's a whole different story.

The 285,000-square-foot, six story, $85 million Bucks County Justice Center, built on the site of an old Doylestown parking garage, is the largest capital project in the 332 year history of Bucks County.

"It will provide security for our judicial system, efficiency for judicial system and investment made now will serve well into the future," County Commissioner Rob Loughery said.

Progress is being made on new courtrooms. There are striking conference room views and state of the art technology, which includes a heated lobby floor and LED lighting.

There is even an homage to the past.

A Moravian tiled fireplace is part of the Armory building which dates to the 1900's.

When completed in January the new center will be home to close to 600 employees.

Just because a new one is going up, doesn't mean the current one is coming down.

This Bucks County Justice Center will still be used, just at a lower capacity, about 60 percent, Loughery said.

Prisoners will soon be transported in a new capacity.

In the new center the public will no longer come face to face with suspects and criminals on elevators.

"Behind the scenes if you will are securer elevators, where staff and suspects, criminals will be able to move from a secure environment, thus creating a more safe environment for residents in Court House," Loughery said.

The project has been criticized for taking too long and going over budget.

Ground was first broken three years ago, but County Commissioner Rob Loughery says the center is a must for the ever-expanding county.

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