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Man behind the raw revolution in Montgomery County

Man behind the raw revolution in Montgomery County

LANSDALE, Pa. - Inside a Lansdale, Montgomery County arcade, Arnold's Way, a cafe breeding a raw food revolution, is apparently changing lives.

"Blood work came back and hormone condition had since a teen is normal," says Silpha Reddy, a grad student.

"I didn't think at 69 I would feel this good," offers 69-year-old Jean Campbell.

"I get up at 5 a.m. and go till 12. I don't sleep," Chloe Iceman, who has M.S. said.

It's all being served up by Arnold Kauffman.

A 67-year-old ball of hyper-kinetic energy, he's been pushing the raw food diet for decades.

"My statement is to create an energetic movement for a transformation of a disease free world. That's my goal," he said.

His meat-free, vegan dishes include everything from hamburgers to pizza, all made with raw food.

Bananas, however, are his bread and butter.

Arnold says the fruit is key in fighting disease.

Loyal customers contend Arnold's way is the key to beating cancer and many other health ailments.

But Kimberly Procacciono, director of clinical nutrition at Lehigh Valley Hospital, says there's no clinical research backing a raw food diet as the silver bullet to being cancer and disease free but she says it can help,

"Knowing raw diet is lower in calories, lower in sodium, higher in fiber. Going to make them feel much better to help lose weight which will give more energy," she said.

A point you don't have to stress for those following Arnold's way.

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