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March to stop violence Friday night in Pottstown

March to stop violence Friday night in Pottstown

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - Community members in Pottstown say they want to stop the violence there.

They're holding weekly marches to bring awareness and promote change.

The latest march is scheduled for Friday at 7 p.m.

"We want to stop the violence, that's number one and another thing is to bring the community together," said Kenya Edwards-Pena, an organizer.

People in Pottstown are taking a stand by taking to the streets in response to recent violence in the area. Friday's will be the third march.

"We feel that if we bring the community together, more positive results will come out of it along with having more for the kids to do, as well, so they're not stuck all summer in the middle of all this violence and chaos," said Edwards-Pena.

She hopes to reach kids and adults alike and said it's a community effort.

"Putting the signs in your windows, in your cars, also keeping lines of communication open with the police, watching out for the children," she said.

"Having these marches, I know that they aren't going to solve the whole problem, but it is bringing people together that normally wouldn't socialize on a daily basis," Edwards-Pena added.

The marchers are gathering at the Heart of God Family Worship Center at the corner of Beech and Hanover Streets in Pottstown.

The march starts at 7 p.m.

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