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Monsignor apologizes for abuse victim's ordeal

PHILADELPHIA - A Roman Catholic official is wrapping up three grueling days of testimony in his Philadelphia clergy abuse trial.

Monsignor William Lynn said he did everything within his power to get accused priests out of parishes and into treatment.

He admitted it wasn't enough for one victim who was sexually assaulted by the Rev. Edward Avery, years after complaints about Avery had reached the archdiocese. Lynn said he's sorry for that.
Avery is in prison after pleading guilty to the 1999 assault.

Lynn is charged with child endangerment and conspiracy. Defense lawyers call him a scapegoat for the archdiocese.

Lynn said Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua would only remove diagnosed pedophiles.

Asked Tuesday if keeping predators in ministry was immoral, Lynn replied, "You want me to answer for the whole church?"

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