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Montgomery County will replace emergency dispatch system

Contract will cost county nearly $30 million

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - Montgomery County Commissioners agreed Thursday to replace the county's 800 MHz emergency dispatch system for first responders, contracting with Motorola Solutions for a total capital figure of $29,974,000.

Commissioner Vice Chair Leslie S. Richards stated that one year ago "we were looking at a number of around $100 million" for the replacement.

The contract with Motorola is broken into a 3-part contract: $23,850,000 for the infrastructure, $6,124,000 for an additional 1,800 subscriber radio units makes up the $29,974,000.  In addition, $9,882,000 will be spent on maintenance service for the system for a 10-year period.

"This resolution is 70% less than what the prior board suggested it would be, with the benefit of a more expansive system and a system that will better meet the needs of our constitutes," said Joshua D. Shapiro, chair commissioner.

Shapiro gave much credit to Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr., who was chair of the Emergency Dispatch Radio Committee. The 32-member committee included elected municipal officials, as well as members of police, fire and EMS units.

"The commissioners recognized this was of prime importance," stated Shapiro, "We worked hard to get the technical aspect right and the pricing aspect right."

All three commissioners "very proudly" passed the resolution and stated it is their main priority to spend county money wisely.

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