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No arrests in Pottstown homicide

Shooting occurred at King Street Commons early Friday morning

Double shooting leaves one dead, one injured

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - Police in Pottstown, Montgomery County are trying to connect the dots, following a double shooting that left one man dead and another injured.

It happened around 12:30 a.m. Friday in the King Street Apartments.

"I'm really scared. I think it had something to do with drugs is all I can say," a resident of the building said.

Police won't confirm or deny that but the victim, 22 year old George Hashimbey, of the early morning double shooting had pleaded guilty to drug charges in the past.
"I walked in the building to the 5th floor. There were a bunch of cops standing there at the door with guns," another resident described.

The Montgomery County DA's office says the shooting happened in a 5th floor apartment. Bullet holes blown through the door of apartment 523 offer some clue of the chaos inside.

The county coroners office says 22 year George Hashimbey, who has a nearby address, died from gunshot wounds. A second victim, a 23 year old man, was taken to the hospital and is being treated after also being shot.

"Little nervous, scared no-one knew what was going on here all night. My kid worried about what was going on," resident Mike Albright said.

Back in 2012 Hashimbey pleaded guilty to drug charges which involved distributing crack cocaine.

Twelve hours after Hashimbey's death, forensic investigators were still on scene but at this point it's not clear how many people were involved and what led to the shooting.

So far no arrests have been made. Officials at the apartment complex declined to comment.

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