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No verdict on Day 8 of Pa. priest-abuse talks

PHILADELPHIA - A jury still hasn't reached a verdict in the landmark clergy-abuse trial of two Philadelphia priests. They've deliberated for eight days.

The jury is asking repeated questions about what's needed to convict someone of ``conspiracy'' and ``child endangerment.''

They are the two charges facing Monsignor William Lynn. He's the first U.S. church official charged for his handling of abuse complaints. Prosecutors say he helped the church hide complaints from the public and keep abusers in ministry.

A judge has explained that jurors must find the ``object'' of the conspiracy was to endanger children. But the defendants didn't have to know their conduct was criminal.

The Rev. James Brennan is also charged with child endangerment and with the alleged sexual assault of a teen boy in 1996.

The jury returns today.

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