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Officials: Driver fled deadly accident

Officials: Driver fled deadly accident

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - The driver involved in an accident that left two people dead and another seriously injured said he is sorry.

Roger Malloy's brother, who was one of five people in Malloy's car, admitted that he was smoking synthetic marijuana with the victims before the accident late Monday night, according to court documents.

Malloy, 27, was committed to the Montgomery County Prison after police said he caused the accident.

"I'm sorry," said Malloy.

Malloy's car skidded off the wet road in the 500 block of State Street in Pottstown and slammed into a pole, said Montgomery County Asst. District Attorney Kevin Steele.

"Is he sorry? He's sorry that he's going to prison," said Steele.

Five people were in the car during the accident. Rachel Witt, 15, a former Pottstown High School student, died at the scene. James Crawford, 28, died later at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. The third passenger, Kendal Harper, 16, was last reported to be hospitalized in serious condition with head trauma and internal injuries.

Samantha Retner said she was sickened to hear the news of her ex-boyfriend, Kendal Harper.

"My stomach dropped.  I couldn't believe it," said Retner, "I still don't even know what happened. I'm confused."

Pottstown police said before they arrived at the scene, Malloy and his brother were seen running away from the car after the accident. Steele said Malloy should not have been behind the wheel to begin with.

"It was a suspended license. He's driving the car, kills two people and then flees the scene," said Steele.

According to court documents, Malloy's brother admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana with the victims before the accident and that a friend of one of the victims said he had planned to go out drinking Monday night.

"Blood has been taken, and we're going to get that analyzed," said Steele.

Police were able to apprehend Malloy after they received an anonymous tip Tuesday afternoon about Malloy's whereabouts. Steele said Malloy is facing a number of charges.

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