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One Tank Trip: Grace Kelly exhibit

One Tank Trip: Grace Kelly exhibit

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - Grace Kelly's story is back home again.

A new exhibit based on her life is now open to the public and only making one stop in the United States.

You'll see clips of Grace Kelly on the beach at the Jersey shore, private family moments caught on camera of a Philly girl turned princess.

"Grace Kelly's story is really Philadelphia's story," said Candace Clarke, deputy director of the James A. Michener Art Museum.

From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly: Beyond the Icon tells the story of her life, not just Grace Kelly the movie star.

There are, of course, dozens of dazzling dresses, including the one she wore the night she accepted her Oscar.

But the exhibit at the museum in Bucks County celebrates Grace Kelly - the woman.. the daughter and the mother.

"That she was more than just an actress and a princess, that she was a real person and she had connections with people and she had a loving family and she left a legacy which she really did," Clarke said.

The museum has a connection to the beauty, Kelly starred in the film, "Bridges of Toko-Ri" which is based on the book by Michener.  

On the tour, you'll learn little-known facts that make Grace seem just like the rest of us.

Grace's life took her all over the world, but she always maintained a close, deep connection to Philadelphia, so much so that when she'd come for a visit she would often pick up some scrapple, take it back it back to Monaco and tell the palace chef it was American pate. It seems she had a sense of humor, as well.

The collection will be heading back to Monaco in January.

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