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One Tank Trip: Peter Wentz Farmstead

George Washington really did sleep here. It's the claim to fame at the Peter Wentz Farmstead just outside of Lansdale, Montgomery Co.

The Wentz Farm was Washington's temporary headquarters not once, but twice during the American Revolution.

When the general pays you a visit, he doesn't come alone, said Ted Edgar, a museum assistant, adding that "he traveled with many soldiers."

Washington spent time at the home before and after the Battle of Germantown.

It was big enough to house everyone, and the location was ideal because it is close to Philadelphia, which was where the general was hoping to prevent the British from resupplying.

It's likely why Washington chose the home as his headquarters. It was either that or the memorable decor inside.

"Jokingly, I tell folks you won't forget the paint decoration," said Kimberly Boice, museum educator.

You can catch the polka dot pattern on the kitchen walls on a tour.

The home was built in 1758. There aren't any pictures of Peter and his wife, Rosanna Wentz, but we know they lived here with their children.

They were working wealthy, a Pennsylvania German farming family that also ran a saw mill down the road.

In October 1777, George Washington came to stay.

"General Washington is in full campaign mode. He is moving quickly. He has stripped his army of all their unnecessary items and so, most likely, he needs a place where he can sit, a bed to sleep in, a glass to drink out of," Edgar said. "It's more than just Washington's headquarters. It's America's headquarters. This is our place. A place where people continued. This was a house that was lived in up until the 1960s. Farmers lived here and supported their families, so there's a lot of history here."

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