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PECO donates $20,000 to Montgomery County arts initiative

PECO is helping energize the arts in Montgomery County through the "Creative MontCo" initiative.

In bringing Montgomery County to a future rich in the arts, PECO stepped up to be one of the first investors, donating a check of $20,000 to the funds during Thursday morning's Commissioners meeting.

County Commissioners introduced the "Creative MontCo" plan in September 2012; a ten-year proposal to bring more business and arts to the county.

PECO representatives recognized the committee of the initiative, believing that Montgomery County needs a voice and strong identity to the arts and culture community.

"Montgomery County has so many cultural aspects…nonprofits that are thriving and a residency that spends more money per capita on the arts than most communities across the country," said Dr. Karen A. Stout, Montgomery County Community College President and Chair of "Creative MontCo."

Stout stated that through collaborative technical assistance work, the initiative will help organizations grow through collaboration rather than being stunted by competition.

"Creative MontCo" needs donations for the ten-year plan to move forward, but cannot wait for funding from the public sector.

"It's unusual for a county to do this type of project, it is usually through the state," stated Virginia Frantz, President & CEO, Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. The team is hoping to leverage the charitable donation from PECO to help grow the grassroots organization grow.

"Creative MontCo" is in place to create a voice for the county's arts and culture community and develop the cultural identity within the county.

Chair Commissioner Joshua D. Shapiro thanked PECO for their donation and stated the Commissioners will continue to partner and work with the "Creative MontCo" team.

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