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Pottstown residents march to stop violence

Community marches against violence

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - People in Pottstown walked to stop the violence.

Community members marched through the streets Friday night in the Montgomery County borough that's seen its share of violence in recent months.

They hope to stop the violence and bring the community together through the weekly marches.

"Action is what it's all about," said Pottstown Borough Council-member Sheryl Miller.

People of all ages came out and walked the streets singing, praying, and holding signs that said "Stop the Violence in Pottstown."

There were church members, borough council members, and neighbors.

"Things that are taking place in our town don't belong here," said Rev. Dimitre Horton with Heart of God Family Worship Center, which is where the march started and ended. "I'm praying for all the youth in the town that they'd be able to discover their purpose in life."

Pastor Linda Anthony said, "We understand a walk, one, two, or three, however many we do, is not really going to solve the problem. We just want to pray for people and let them know there is hope."

People who came out hope their message comes across loud and clear to others in the community.

Resident Dianne Krumm said "I hope they see unity. I hope they see that people are coming together and people are tired of the violence."

"I think that this is important for our community to show there is a presence that does want to stop the violence that's going on out here," said resident Tobe Cyrus.

As they made their way through the streets, those marching gained attention from curious onlookers and support from some people who joined in with singing and clapping.

Many hope what they're doing leads to even more action.

Miller said, "I hope they join together as community, not just marching. I would like to see the community get out into the parks together, I would like to see the community interact more together, get to know one another."

Kenya Edwards-Pena, one of the march organizers, said "I think that the marches are making a difference, not actually us marching and they're getting scared and going away, but us coming together and being on one accord."

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