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Relentless rain soaks the area

Relentless rain soaks the area

Wet and soggy, the relentless rain soaked the region Friday.

People were dodging raindrops as mother nature unloaded.

Small creeks and streams across the area swelled.

The water moved swiftly and rose up starting to invade the streets.

Flood prone places looked more like rivers than roads.

"It looked more like a river about an hour ago," laughed Lois Wieand Friday afternoon.

"It's not a street at all right now," shared Raymond Lahoud. "It seems that we have a bit of flooding going on here."

The rising waters took over part of Route 309 near Cherry Road in Quakertown. Traffic driving both directions was basically reduced to one lane.

But not everyone steered clear of the standing high water, a move officials and more cautious drivers say to avoid.

"Yeah, trying to drive through it when they don't have an elevated truck," cautioned Daryl Maguire. "A lot of low cars get stuck in here, it comes all the way back past where we are sometimes, depending on how bad it is."

The flooding backed up traffic on 309, and over in Washington Township storm drains that couldn't keep up had streets shut down.

Barricades went up to keep everyone safe.

Folks who live nearby say it's nothing new.

"I mean we're so used to it," Wieand says. "We expect it."

"I never had a problem," added Maguire. "It floods pretty bad here, but I've never had a problem."

Officials say you should never drive through standing water and don't go around barricades.

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