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Report says thieves sell credit card information on YouTube

Report says thieves sell credit card information on YouTube

SOUDERTON, Pa. - YouTube is known for its viral videos but according to a new report, it's becoming a marketplace for stolen personal information.

Thieves are now turning to YouTube to promote the sale of stolen or fake credit cards, according to The Digital Citizens Alliance. An investigation by the nonprofit organization found dozens of videos doing just that.

"It's just basically the latest evolution of internet scams," said David Schecter with Univest's Operational Risk Management Group.

"It's frustrating in the sense that the bad guys are profiting and these individuals that are buying this stuff, if they ever get caught, they face possible jail time and other penalties," he said.

"You wouldn't necessarily find out if your specific information's on there, but the best way a consumer can protect themselves is by reviewing their statements every single month," he added.

The Digital Citizens Alliance said it found videos selling credit cards for just $4. It also found other information like banking logins and social security numbers on sites such as YouTube.

Schecter stressed the importance of monitoring your personal information.

"Just like you go for a physical, you should check your credit on a regular basis," he said. "We all like to drive cars, but we wear seatbelts to protect ourselves and it's the same thing. When you're driving the internet you just need to use caution."

If you come across fraudulent activity on your credit card, report it to your credit card company. Schecter said if you find you've become a victim of identity theft, file a police report to keep a paper trail proving you reported it.

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