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Rowdy parents cause Easter egg hunts to get canceled

SPRING CITY, Pa. - Every year for the last 10 years several hundred children and their families would flock to Farmer's Daughter Farm Market in Chester County for an Easter egg hunt.

"The kids had a great time. It was a lot of fun" says Christina Fry, the owner of Farmer's Daughter Farm Market.

Fry says the egg hunt was free and open to anyone.

"We just gave it to the community as a thanks for coming out and shopping here" says Fry.

Normally this field will be stuffed with 5000 eggs but not this year.

"It's a shame that some had to ruin it for so many" says Fry.

Over the last few years Fry says she noticed some parents behaving badly at the hunt.She's not the only one who delt with rowdy parents.

Nearby, the Norco Fire Company also canceled their egg hunt for the same reason.

Fry says last year was the final straw for her.

"A mother reached into the basket of a four-year-old and removed a Barbie doll" says Fry.

Fry no longer wanted to be part of an event that ended with a child in tears.

"We'd see parents scheming with their children, do you see that out there get ready to go get that. It was just so hard to watch the children because they just wanted to go get an egg" says Fry.

Customers at the market today say they back Fry's decision to cancel the hunt. They can't believe adults would act that way.

"Thoroughly disgusted for the poor children" adds Robert Krause.

"I'm just shocked, appalled. It's really sad. Kids can't even be kids anymore. Parents get too involved" says Lisa Krause.

And while there are many disappointed children this year, Fry is also disappointed because she loves giving back to the community.

"It's just a shame for the children, that's how I feel most sorry for is the kids" says Christina Fry.

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