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School aide gives pet treats to dozens of students

School aide gives pet treats to dozens of students

NEW HANOVER TWP., Pa. - Parents in New Hanover Township, Montgomery County were buzzing Friday evening over what happened at New Hanover-Upper Frederick Elementary School.

The superintendent of the Boyertown Area School District sent parents a notice that a part-time recess aide gave pet treats to 75 fourth grade students.

One of them was Gabriel Moore.

"She made it look like it was a joke that they were dog treats and then she came around and said, no they are cookies. They are fine," said Gabriel Moore, fourth grader at New Hanover-Upper Frederick Elementary School.

So Gabriel says he ate not one, but three of the so called "cookies."

Parents and community members say they are shocked to hear it happened.

"It is hard to imagine that someone would do that," said Bonnie Reigner of Boyertown.

But the school superintendent says someone did in fact do it. And Gabriel's father thought it was no laughing matter.

"They trusted the aides, you know what I mean. Like what if it was rat poisoning or something. So it was kind of shocking to be honest with you," said David Moore, Gabriel's Father.

The notice said the ingredients in the treats would not be harmful to people, unless they have a food allergy. That is why some in the community say the aide should not be penalized.

"We are ready to reprimand everybody and anybody for anything. And not thinking about, well, what did we do when we were kids," said Kitty Isett of Bechtelsville.

But Gabriel's dad sees it differently and says the trust has been broken.

"In my opinion, you put the lives of children at risk so you should be penalized pretty bad for that," said David Moore.

"I do not want to take anymore food from an aide," said Gabriel Moore.

The school contacted police and put the aide on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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