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Students learn Native American way at Quakertown Christian School

Students learn Native American way at Quakertown school

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - Students from a local elementary school spent the day running around the woods building fires and forts.

No, they weren't playing hooky.

It was part of a learning experience about Native Americans.

Fifth-graders at Quakertown Christian School had a pow-wow in the woods where they learned about different tribes.

They ate traditional foods, built tee-pees and became experts in Native American culture.

"Sometimes when they learn different things they're like, wow, I didn't realize it took 16 buffalo to build the house. So then obviously they had to hunt the buffalo and skin the buffalo and they just really learn how much different it was then they have today," said teacher Emily Rice.

The students will pass on their knowledge.

They'll teach pre-schoolers and second-graders what they've learned.

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