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Tyrone the cat lands in the spotlight as he battles cancer

Tyrone the cat lands in the spotlight as he battles cancer

GILBERTSVILLE, Pa. - You could say Tyrone, who is a cat, is clinging on to every one of his nine lives.

Last August, after he was viciously attacked, it seemed like the end was near.

"It's truly a miracle. It's absolutely amazing," said Beth Ashcom who rescued Tyrone.

Initially, it was believed that Tyrone had lost an eye, but it was there all along.

"And I've asked every vet that we've been to, how can this happen, and they tell me cats are amazing, they have 9 lives for a reason," said Ashcom.

But there was another setback.

Tyrone was diagnosed with skin cancer.

But 9,000 people follow him on Facebook and have witnessed his recovery.

He has touched so many lives that he even receives gifts and cards mailed to his Gilbertsville, Montgomery County home.

"We have a lot of people who tell us they suffer from depression. They really were ready to give up on a lot of parts of their life and when they met Tyrone, he did for them," said Ashcom.

Tyrone will soon be on the cover of the September issue of Modern Cat Magazine.

He also inspired Beth, along with her close friend, Maria Romano Trampe to launch the non-profit, All Souls Connected.

"We want to focus a lot of our education on going into schools, going to boy scouts, girls scouts, and teaching them about responsible pet ownership," said Romano Trampe.

"It's just really made me believe it's worth it to fight. He's a fighter He's not going to go down without a fight," said Ashcom.

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