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Victims of Philadelphia building collapse identified

Victims of building collapse identified

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Philadelphia officials released the names of the victims involved in Wednesday's building collapse on Market Street in Center City.

The last to be rescued from the rubble was 61-year-old Myra Plekan who was found just before midnight on Wednesday, more than 12 hours after the building collapsed.

Plekam was rushed to a hospital where she is listed in serious condition.

On Thursday, crews spent the day looking for those who had been reported missing among the rubble.

"We removed some debris and then we searched under it, moved some debris and that's how we found the victims we were looking for" said Special Operations Chief Craig Murphy, with the Philadelphia Fire Department.

In total there were 19 victims, six deceased including Borbor Davis and Kimberly Finnegan who were employees at the store.

Anne Bryan, Juanita Harmon, Mary Simpson and Roseline Conteh also lost their lives.

The 13 people injured have been identified as Susan Randall, Betty Brown, Shirley Ball, Linda Bell, Jennifer Reynolds, Nadine White, Margarita Agosta, Richard Stasiorowski, Rosemary Kreutzberg, Rodney Geddis, Felicia Hill, Daniel Johnson and Myra Plekan.

"The search and rescue part is complete. right now we are clearing the area for the next part of the investigation" said Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers in a news conference on Thursday.

"We have a lot of work to do to figure out why what happened yesterday happened, how did it happen and certainly going forward, how we can best prevent any incident like this happening anywhere in the city" said city Mayor Michael Nutter.


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