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Woman celebrates 109th birthday

Woman celebrates 109th birthday

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - The year was 1905.

Teddy Roosevelt was in office and the television hadn't even been thought of yet.

A woman in Montgomery County lived through all of that and more.

Sophie Voynar turned 109-years-old Monday.

Voynar grew up in Kaska, and was the oldest of eight children.

She was married to Stanley Voynar, and they had one son, also named Stanley.

"She's amazing, amazing for 109," said Ellen Riegel, a nurse at Manatawny Manor.

Voynar worked several decades in a sewing factory.

She also devoted many years to giving back to her community, by making crafts for a local children's hospital.

The 109-year-old said she worked hard every day and made sure to keep active.

She said that's the secret to living a long, happy life.

"Do what I did. Live life!" Voynar said.

Those who know Voynar best said she still lives that way.

She participates in almost all of the activities at Manatawny Manor in Pottstown, Montgomery County.

"Out of all the residents, any type of physical activity I have, she is by far the best at it. She has a great right arm. She's great at shuffle want Sophie on your team!" said Ginny Rathman, activities assistant at Manatawny Manor.

They said she also sees the good in everything.

"She said to me one time, 'Always take the bad with the good. Take a positive out of a negative. And live every day,'" Rathman said.

She also still has her sense of humor.

"She still has this quick wit. The one time, she is always losing her one shoe, I was putting her shoe on. She said it was too bad, I wasn't prince charming," Rathman said.

"You should have saw her. We went to the wedding, First thing she says, 'Your husband is good looking!' I said, 'Thanks Soph'! She says, 'Can he have some wine with me?'" Riegel said.

Voynar said her proudest moment was raising her son.

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