St. Luke's Hospital opens new floor at Anderson campus

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Published: Jul 21 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 22 2013 06:10:10 PM EDT

St Luke's Hospital is making room for more patients at its newest hospital in Northampton County.

The hospital Monday opened a fourth floor at its Anderson Campus in Bethlehem Township, and the new unit is patient-ready two years ahead of schedule.

The rooms are a little more deluxe than standard hospital rooms. They have iPads and plush robes.

"When people come to the hospital, they're scared, they're nervous. We're trying to make it a little bit softer, more inviting so the patients and their families can stay longer here. It's just more comfortable, said Ed Nawrocki.

The new floor adds 36 beds to the hospital for a total of 108 beds. Officials said they expected the floor to be at least a third full by the end of the day Monday.