Sunrise Summer Camps: NCC Fishing Camp

Published: 11:42 AM EDT Jun 29, 2012
Sunrise Summer Camps: Fishing camp

One summer camp in the Lehigh Valley is reeling kids in. It's a camp that's all about fishing, where kids learn the basics of a fishing rod, bait, lures, and more!

The fishing camp is run by Northampton Community College as part of its Horizons for Youth Program.

Organizers say it's good to get kids outdoors and learning new things. Steve Goosley, Fishing Camp Instructor, said, "They're not going to be on the computer or on a video game, they're going to be concentrating on catching fish. And believe me, they really enjoy it, and some of them really get into it."

The camp is for grades three through nine, and there's also an all girl's fishing camp. You can sign up through Northampton Community College and the Horizons for Youth Program.