>>>jaciel cordoba: most of us have to work for quite a few years before we can even think about reaching the top of our profession. but, for some people, that climb up the ladder is a lot quicker. >>eve russo: wfmz's nancy werteen features the success of one fiery young woman in life lessons. >>nancy: she's become a top chef pretty quickly and says her secret is simple, tasty mexican dishes people like and can replicate at home. >>shaylee rolon"i had the dream. just chasing the dream." >>nancy: shaylee rolon is only 25, but is already making a name for herself . she is one of six children who grew up in new jersey . >>shaylee rolonsous chef taqueria tequila"i wanted to get out there. i wanted to provide for my mom, my siblings, the younger ones. i wanted to show an example so they could make it out." >>nancy: on the menu today: green enchiladas, which requires just a few fresh ingredients. start with the chilled cooked chicken and chicken stock. >>shaylee rolon "it's going to start thickening up. then add the butter and the salsa verde." >>nancy: salt and white pepper. put the tortillas on the stove and warm for a couple of minutes a side. >>shaylee rolon"this will allow the corn tortillas to soften up, so you'll be able to fold it without cracking." >>nancy: fill, but don't overfill, the enchiladas with the chicken mixture. and fold. >>shaylee rolon"grab your salsa verde that's already hot, just pour it right over." >>nancy: a little mexican crema, queso fresco, red onion, and cilantro for garnish and color. and your green enchiladas are finished. but wait, there's more. >>shaylee rolon"so we're going to make guacamole, because nothing is finished without guacamole." >>nancy: mash up two avocados. add diced serrano peppers, salt and white pepper.>>shaylee rolon "and a squeeze of a half a lime." >>nancy: mix it all up. >>shaylee rolon"with a side of chips, put some cilantro for garnish, and there you go, ladies." >>nancy: not hard at all. ---------------------------... ->>nancy: for more information on this recipie go to our website at wfmz.com. nancy werteen