>>> eve tannery: Studies show one in four Americans is suffering with a mental health disorderand about half of those people will go for some type of therapy.>> jaciel cordoba: And while there are many good therapists to choose fromthere can be some unethical ones as well. WFMZs Nancy Werteen looks at that issue in Life Lessons. >>Nancy: For lots of folks therapy is a valuable tool and can work wonders. And while there are lots of things therapists can doif you're considering therapy..you should know there are a few things they absolutely should never do. >>nancy: when nicole todd began seeing a therapist for depression, she thought she was in good hands. >> NicolTodd i trted him completely, i was dazzled by him. (:02) >>nancy: but the lines of therapy quickly became blurred. after three sessions, her therapist told her he loved her. >>Nicole Todd Saw a Therapist for Depression My family would go out to dinner with him, him and his wife.I was thinking this is delicious, you know, here i have this secret relationship that no one knows about. (:09) >>nancy: months passed and her feelings grew.>> Nicole Todd In: :25 Out: :35 i felt like we were dating. would talk about, uh, possible sexual encounters.He would tell me about his sex life in a very detailed way. (:10) >>nancy: shortly after the relationship became physical, her therapist ended it abruptly devastating nicole. >> Nicole Todd Id been exploited and manipulated by someone i trusted to help me. (:04) >>nancy: doctor samantha meltzer-brody says violations like this are always the fault of the THERAPIST.>>Samantha Meltzer-Brody, md Psychiatrist unc Health Care If the boundaries arent in place it can be extremely damaging.So, how do you safeguard against that? (:05) >>nancy: .first she says check with the state licensing board to make sure youre dealing with a professional.>> Samantha Meltzer-Brody, md Anyone can call themselves a therapist. (:02) >>nancy: next, social invitations are inappropriate.>> Samantha Meltzer-Brody, md It doesnt matter if you think theyd make a great friend, it doesnt matter if you think youd like to date them. (:04) >>nancy: and remember, therapy is about you not listening to your therapists problems. >>Samantha Meltzer-Brody, md This is an enormous sign that you should get up and leave immediately. (:04) >>nancy: signs nicole wont ignore again. --------------------------- ------->>Nancy: Experts say any signs of a relationship moving from a professional one to a romantic one should be reported to your states licensing board.Nancy Werteen 69news. >>>