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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a plan to get people to vote

Square CEO Jack Dorsey wants to get you to the polls.


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Say hello to Snap Inc.

The company synonymous with disappearing messages wants to build more than just software for your phone.

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Yahoo facing lawsuits in the wake of massive data breach

Yahoo is facing lawsuits from people who fear their accounts have been hacked and claim the company was "grossly negligent," putting their financial and personal data at risk.

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You could have a Yahoo account without even knowing it

Think you're not affected by the massive hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts? Think again.


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Twitter skyrockets on more takeover rumors

Are Twitter's days as an independent company numbered? Twitter stock soared 20% Friday after CNBC reported that the company is moving closer to selling itself.

Twitter has been…

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New Yorkers can now schedule Uber pickups

New Yorkers can now schedule an Uber to arrive sometime in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Nearly half of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s in U.S. returned

More and more Galaxy Note 7 owners in the U.S. are returning the fire-prone smartphones.

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Yahoo hack is a reminder: nothing is safe

The real lesson of the Yahoo hack, in which 500 million user account details were stolen, is this: any account details you enter into an online storage system will probably get…

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Verizon learned about Yahoo data breach 2 days ago

Yahoo users aren't the only ones digesting the news about the company's massive data breach.

So is its future parent company.

Verizon said that it only learned this week that…


Local man dishes out care, compassion and hope from soup kitchen

Man dishes out care compassion and hope from soup kitchen

Every day - for the last 17 years, Charles Brannon has gotten up, and started cooking at the Ecumenical Soup Kitchen that is housed in St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Landmark hotel in Reading set to cease operations

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Nearly 10 months after downtown Reading celebrated the opening of its second hotel, the other hotel is now set to close.

Pair of art pieces to adorn Penn Street in Reading


Reading's downtown is taking on a more colorful look, thanks to two new pieces of art.

Judge: Drunk driver had 'no concern' for safety of others

Williams Township crash

Daniel Braeunig was arrested four times in two weeks on DUI charges. He'' serve up to 10 years for fatal wreck.

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