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Facebook home page

Ferre Dollar/CNN

Facebook goes down for some users

Did you have trouble logging onto Facebook on Friday? You're not alone -- the social networking site briefly went down for some users Friday.



EBay reveals lackluster diversity report

In case you missed it, tech has a diversity problem. EBay is the latest tech company to publish an employee diversity report, revealing it hires mostly white and male workers.

2014 Jeep Cherokee

From Chrysler

Today's cars are hackable, posing a threat to you

Modern cars are increasingly controlled by computers. And where there are computers, there are hackers.

Mars 2020 Rover


NASA's next Mars rover to make oxygen

For 17 years, NASA rovers have laid down tire tracks on Mars. But details the space agency divulged this week about its next Martian exploration vehicle underscored NASA's ultimate goal. Footprints are to follow someday.

Giant toad in Beijing

Hongxia Wei/CNN

Why a giant toad set off Chinese censors

How do social media posts about a giant inflatable toad relate to criticism of a former Chinese President? You just have to understand the secret language of Chinese netizens.

farmville logo

Zynga Image

Five years on, millions still dig 'FarmVille'

It started out as a simple concept. Let people virtually grow gardens, raise farm animals and become farmers. It soon became a social media and gaming phenomenon.

Neil Harbisson


Six obstacles to being a cyborg

As technology takes over our lives, some people are inserting it in their bodies. Cyborgs are people who use technology to enhance their senses or natural human abilities.

doctor checking man's hearing ears

iStock/The Flying Dutchman

Uber-inspired app brings a doc to your door

When you're sick, sometimes it feels impossible to get out of bed, let alone get to the doctor. And the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours at the emergency room. So Silicon Valley is retooling a service that was common almost a century ago: the house call.

The Kardashians on red carpet

CNN Image

Kim Kardashian's game makes $700,000 a day

Kim Kardashian is famous for doing nothing. Now she's got a game that's pulling in $700,000 a day where players have to do, well, nothing.

New HD iPad

Courtesy: Apple

Is the iPad doomed?

Tablet sales are "crashing," says Best Buy's CEO! IPad sales are sinking fast! Is this the beginning of the end for the tablet?

Instagram Bolt app


Instagram unveils its answer to Snapchat

If you can't buy them, copy them.

WikiLeaks on Twitter

Tim Chong/Reuters

WikiLeaks breaks gag order

They were warned not to share it, but share it they did.

New Netflix logo


AT&T strikes deal with Netflix to boost streaming speeds

Netflix is paying up once again to boost lagging streaming speeds.


Donald Strachan/CNN

Digital Duomo: Florence by smartphone

Is it possible to survive in Florence, Italy, and see it properly armed just a smartphone?


Allentown pet owners had too many dogs, says city

Animals rescued from Allentown fire

The victims of a fire in Allentown last month won't be able to take all their dogs with them when they return home.

New Route 447 bridge now open in Monroe County

PennDOT logo generic

A new bridge carrying Route 447 traffic over Spruce Cabin Run opened Friday in Barrett Township, Monroe County.

No one injured when pick-up's rear wheels take off

Generic daytime red emergency lights - police car (lights not on)

Ethan Walthier/69 News


Have you heard that old expression "drive it until the wheels fall off?"

Pa. senator: Colorado trip included using marijuana

Denver skyline

A Pennsylvania state senator said he tried some marijuana on his taxpayer-funded trip to Colorado to see how the state's marijuana industry is working.

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