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Alpha votes to prohibit future asphalt plants

Alpha asphalt plant ban vote

ALPHA, N.J. - With a four to two vote, the Alpha Borough Council voted to prohibit the manufacturing of concrete and asphalt within the industrial zone of their municipality in a meeting on Tuesday night.

In 2011, Alpha debated plans for an asphalt plant, and although that plant decided to move elsewhere, this latest ordinance prevents any other asphalt plant from coming into the municipality with very definitive language in an amendment to Code Section 410.20 regulating I Industrial Zone.

As adopted in this meeting, the ordinance now prohibits the "development, production, storage, deployment, usage or fabrication of radioactive materials" as well as "non-municipal outdoor vehicle, leaf and sludge recycling, treatment, conversion or composting of any type," and non-municipal recycling facilities.

Addressing the asphalt plant issue directly, the prohibited uses now include the "manufacturing, processing and/or storage of concrete and/or bituminous concrete." The council went on to discuss the legal definition of concrete to ensure residents in attendance that their concrete goods were not in danger of becoming contraband. The type of concrete that is prohibited is the concrete in liquid form that is produced and stored in liquid form. This does not include concrete mix that can be purchased retail and used for household products, nor final products that are made of concrete including common goods such as bird baths.

The new ordinance also does not prohibit manufacturing plants that create concrete products. Firms that intend to manufacture items like concrete basins are welcome to locate within Alpha, and the distinction in the ordinance is between the processing of concrete as a product, which is banned, and concrete as an ingredient or material utilized in the creation of another final product. Raw concrete will no longer be a permissible manufacturing product in the borough.  No changes were made to the portion of the ordinance that relates to permissible uses.

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