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Child rescued after falling into septic hole

Woman called a hero after saving 3 year old that fell in an old septic tank

3 year old falls in an old septic tank

HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. - Police in New Jersey say a three-year-old girl had to be rescued after she fell about 15 feet down an old septic hole.

Hackettstown Police say they were called to the 200 block of West Valley View Avenue on Monday, for a report of a child in a hole.

"I went to the kitchen to do something and I heard everyone screaming I thought they were playing or something," said Luz Jimenez, a caretaker for the owner of the home.

The screams were actually calls for help after three year-old Alison Machigua fell into a hole in a neighbor's yard, where an old septic tank used to be.

When they arrive on scene, police say they saw an adult woman trying to get to the child.

"I didn't even think when I was going to do that. I just jumped in there," added Jimenez.

Police say the hole in the backyard was ten feet deep and had over a foot of water in it.

A Hackettstown police detective lowered the woman into the hole, and she helped to keep the girl calm until rescue crews could arrive.

"The department was shorthanded and he was working the road, covering the road, so this would not have normally happen to him," said Darren Tynan, a sergeant for the Hackettstown police department.

"The water was freezing," added Jimenez. "The baby was shaking because it was so cold in there."

When the Hackettstown Fire Department and the Rescue Squad got there, officials lowered a ladder into the hole, and both the girl and the woman were able to get out safely.

Alison's mother Marlene Machigua says she was in shock after watching her child fall into the ground.

She calls Jimenez saving the child a miracle and thanks her friend for the selfless act.

"I don't even have the word, her and I, I feel like now we are family," said Machigua. "Because she has her own son and it didn't matter to her if something bad was in there."

Little Alison came out of the incident without a scratch.

As for Luz Jimenez, "I'm just so happy today. They say thank you very much and I say don't worry."

The hero is doing just fine as well.

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