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Councilman tells Phillipsburg residents to clean up their act

Todd Tersigni urges crackdown on litter.

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - At least one man in Phillipsburg is on a mission.

Phillipsburg Council President Todd Tersigni says increasing amounts of garbage are lying around the town's streets and sidewalks and are negatively impacting the town's very quality of life.

During Tuesday night's council meeting, Tersigni said he would make it his crusade to go after wayward residents who litter until the town was spruced up.

Sprucing up the town would include higher fines for residents and property owners if needed, to make the point.

"This has disgusted me," Tersigni said of the garbage and debris he sees around town during Tuesday night's meeting. "This has been a problem for a long time."

During a speech on the issue during a segment in the council's meeting agenda for new business, Tersigni indicated at least some of the responsibility rested with landlords who need to control any of their tenants who engage in littering in the town's streets, alleys, sidewalks and yards.

"And we're not talking a $50 or $100 fine, we're talking up to $1,000 per incident," Tersigni said during his speech, which was delivered in a stern and almost angry tone of voice.

"I am not going to stop," Tersigni said of his desire to dump on those who dump trash around the town.

"It won't be solved overnight but I believe we can solve it," said Councilman Randy Piazza, who supported Tersigni's crackdown.

In other business, no date was announced when the town's dog park would be open for man's best friend to unleash their inner dog.

In response to a question from Councilman James Stettner, Town Engineer Stan Schrek said that progress is being made toward opening the park, which will open in an area near tennis courts by Delaware River Park.

And Councilman Bernie Fey Jr. received the full support of council to launch a feasibility study to open a community center in the town.

"I would like to see if it can happen and how it would impact us," Fey said in his comments, adding that he had a few ideas in mind but that it was too early to put forth at Tuesday night's meeting.

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